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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scavenger / Sorbent / Catalyst

SULFURTRAP is an iron oxide based fixed bed hydrogen sulfide scavenger (H2S) used to selectively remove H2S and other light sulfur compounds from gas and liquid hydrocarbons in batch processing applications. SULFURTRAP is unrivaled in its ability to economically eliminate H2S through a safe, effective, environmentally friendly process. SULFURTRAP is applicable across a wide range of applications and process conditions.

Patented and used commercially around the world, SULFURTRAP H2S scavenger offers high sulfur loading capacity, long bed life and low treating cost. In addition, its unique physical properties allow the media to remain free-flowing in its used (spent) form, making bed replacement fast and inexspensive. SULFURTRAP has shown the ability to last up to 3x longer than competing hydrogen sulfide scavenger and can be replaced in a fraction of the time. Complete bed replacement in hours rather than days. 



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SULFURTRAP has an insatiable appetite for H2S, easily achieving <1 ppm H2S regardless of inlet concentration. SULFURTRAP maintains <1 ppm outlet H2S levels for extended periods of time, and under certain process conditions, is capable of H2S scavenger economics <$5/lb. of H2S removed.



Easily achieves outlet H2S <1 ppm
H2S loading capacity
Minimal replacement time / free flowing
Reliably low ∆P
Works in H2O saturated or dry gas conditions
Reduced workload and waste
Works over broad range of process conditions


In typical configurations, the SULFURTRAP H2S scavenger can be loaded into a single vertical vessel, a lead-lag vessel configuration or a parallel vessel configuration. Hydrogen sulfide compounds chemically react with SULFURTRAP to form a safe, stable iron sulfide. Depletion of the hydrogen sulfide scavenger bed is dependent only upon the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and flow rate through the bed.





  • Experienced technical support staff
  • Equipment design / Process optimizaiton
  • Operational advice (startup, unloading, disposal)
  • Monitoring
  • Bed-life follow-up 
  • Warranty

Proprietary process modeling tools allow Chemical Products technical engineers the ability to quickly and accurately design SULFURTRAP processes for new and/or existing applications. SULFURTRAP can be used to replace liquid hydrogen sulfide scavenger systems and can also be used as a drop-in replacement for existing fixed bed processes. Contact Chemical Products for additional information or process assistance.