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hydrogen sulfide removal

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

hydrogen sulfide removal process

Hydrogen sulfide removal technologies can be classified by lbs of H2to be removed per day. As a general rule, H2S removal of <1,000 lbs per day should consider the use of a fixed bed type scavenger/adsorbent media.  A requirement that exceeds this amount should consider alternative processes.

Options for hydrogen sulfide removal in the <1,000 lbs per day range can be classified as either (1) fixed (solid) bed scavenger or (2) liquid scavenger. Both types are treatment options for low temperature H2S reduction from sour hydrocarbons. Our SULFURTRAP® and SULFURTRAP® EX products are categorized as fixed bed scavengers where our SULFURTRAP® HT8 is a liquid type scavenger. Each have been used successfully for many years to eliminate hydrogen sulfide from sour hydrocarbon streams. 

h2s removalSULFURTRAP® HT8 liquid scavenger is supplied in drums or totes, and can be applied by pumping the scavenger liquid directly into the sour gas pipeline. SULFURTRAP® HT8 can also be used in bubble tower configurations whereby the sour gas flows through the bubble tower and H2S is absorbed into the scavenger liquid. SULFURTRAP® HT8 is a drop-in replacement for exisiting liquid scavenger treatment applications. 

Conversely, SULFURTRAP® and SULFURTRAP® EX, fixed bed hydrogen sulfide removal systems, work by passing the sour gas stream through a fixed bed of solid media in a vertical vessel. Fixed bed systems can handle fluctuations in flow rate and H2S concentration with no change in performance or the need to “add” chemical. Chemical Products fix bed media options are selective for H2S removal and do not create side reactions which can affect downstream equipment.

h2s removal system

Fixed bed scavenger and liquid scavenger product for hydrogen sulfide removal are similar from a treating cost standpoint yet there are advantages and disadvantages that are inherent to both options. Our technical staff welcomes the opportunity to explore all options and assist in finding the most cost effective solution. 

The SULFURTRAP® family of products are being used successfully to treat landfill gas, natural gas, natural gasoline and other hydrocarbons in a variety of applications around the world. 

Call us today for technical quotation for a new system, or for comparitive information concerning the replacement of your current H2S scavenger system.