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natural gas processing

Natural Gas Processing

Natural gas processing is the seperation of hazardous sulfur compounds, non-methane hydrocarbons and fluids for the production of pipeline natural gas.  Gas processing begins, upstream, at the well head. Natural gas processing and transportation is becoming increasingly difficult due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in varying concentrations.  H2S can vary depending upon the type, depth, and geology of the area. Natural gas containing H2S also known as "sour" gas must be handled safely and effectively due to the toxic and corrosive nature of this sulfur compound. Even at low concentrations (ppm), H2S is a poison to humans and is also highly corrosive to downstream pipelines and equipment.

H2S scavenger is the most common choice for upstream natural gas processing applications due to their ease of use and low treating costs. As an alternative to the liquid scavenger type systems,  SULFURTRAP® is an iron oxide based fixed bed H2S scavenger technology that easily produces spec level (sulfur free) natural gas and elimates the much higher operating costs associated with liquid chemical treatment and other fixed bed H2S removal technologies.

SULFURTRAP® is not limited to upstream usage for H2S removal. It is also being used in a variety of midstream and downstream natural gas processing applications.

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