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Extended Life H2S and Light Mercaptan Purification Media

Improved. We've taken the original SULFURTRAP® sphericial media and improved the surface area and pore structure to create an extrudate/pellet shaped media that is capable of 2x the sulfur loading capacity of the original SULFURTRAP®.  This 2nd generation product extends bed life meaning less frequent bed replacement and lower operating costs.  It’s unique physical properties allow it to handle higher flow rates with shorter residence times in smaller equipment.  Less CAPEX and OPEX means more value for you. 

Extended Life. By modifying the original SULFURTRAP®, we have created a media that holds more sulfur and is able to maintain outlet product specifications longer.  When bed change out is necessary, the physical properties allow for easy disposal and replacement. SULFURTRAP EX is also an excellent drop in replacement for other Sulfur adsorbent products.  

H2S <1 ppm. Easy. High H2S loading, up to 500 lbs./day. Reduced workload and waste. Works over an even broader range of process conditions.


  • Experienced technical support staff
  • Equipment design/Process optimization
  • Operational advice (startup, unloading, disposal)
  • Monitoring
  • Bed-life follow-up
  • Warranty


Proprietary process modeling tools allow Chemical Products technical engineers the ability to quickly and accurately design SULFURTRAP EX processes for new and/or existing applications. SULFURTRAP EX can be used to replace liquid hydrogen sulfide scavenger systems and can also be used as a drop-in replacmenet for existing fixed bed processes. Contact Chemical Products for additional information or assistance.