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SULFURTRAP® Nano is a low capital, high performance, sulfur recovery solvent that utilizes proprietary Nano Iron suspension technology. SULFURTRAP® Nano removes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and light mercaptans from gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams, in batch processing applications.

  • Low treating cost, <$2.50/lb. of sulfur removed
  • High sulfur loading capacity
  • Simple bubble tower or stirred tank configuration
  • Easily achieves outlet spec, <1ppm
  • Consistent pressure drop
  • No foaming or side reactions
  • Effective over a wide range of conditions

In typical configurations, the SULFURTRAP® Nano solvent is loaded into a bubble tower or stirred tank in single or parallel tower arrangements. Sulfur compounds chemically react with SULFURTRAP® Nano to form a safe, stable liquid waste stream. Depletion of the solvent is dependent only upon the concentration of hydrogen sulfide (and mercaptans) and flow rate through the solvent. A small inlet filter or separator is recommended to remove excess liquids just upstream of the SULFURTRAP® Nano bubble tower. 

Proprietary process modeling tools allow Chemical Products technical engineers the ability to quickly and accurately design SULFURTRAP® Nano processes for new and/or existing applications.

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