Adsorbent Bed Accessories

In the realm of catalyst and adsorbent bed systems, the proper accessories can make all the difference. At Chemical Products Industries, Inc., we take pride in offering a variety of catalyst and adsorbent bed packing materials, accessories, and supplies designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you are dealing with an existing application or embarking on a future project, our range of adsorbent bed accessories promises to deliver efficiency, effectiveness, and proven results.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Our team of industry experts is ready to provide guidance on choosing the right solution for your specific needs. With a wide array of options, we offer a multitude of adsorbent bed accessories to ensure the optimal operation of your catalyst bed. From troubleshooting issues with existing setups to planning future projects, we offer assistance that saves you time, resources, and effort.

Formulary Assistance and Custom Fabrication

In addition to our standard product offerings, we provide formulary assistance upon request. If your project requires a unique solution, our custom fabrication options can deliver bespoke adsorbent bed accessories tailored to your specific catalyst bed needs. Our commitment to innovation and problem-solving ensures we can rise to the challenges presented by even the most complex industrial requirements.

Innovative Solutions, Swift Delivery

At Chemical Products Industries, Inc., we understand the importance of time in your operations. That’s why we not only offer advanced, effective, and proven adsorbent bed accessories, but we also strive to ensure prompt delivery. With us, you can access a multitude of options without enduring lengthy wait times.

The Chemical Products Industries, Inc. Advantage

When you choose Chemical Products Industries, Inc., you are choosing more than just a supplier of adsorbent bed accessories. You are choosing a partner that is committed to meeting your needs at every step of your operational journey. Our range of catalyst and adsorbent bed accessories represents our dedication to helping you achieve industrial efficiency. From consultation to custom fabrication, our solutions are designed with your success in mind.

Lots of options. Not a lot of waiting. 

Bed Support/Hold Down Media

Ceramic Catalyst Bed Support/Hold Down Media

Used in a wide range of catalyst and adsorbent loading applications. Benefits: will not plug bed or catalyst, will not contaminate catalyst, has high thermal shock resistance and yields low pressure drop. A wide variety of shapes, sizes and packaging options available. 

Bed Support/Hold Down Media

Al203 Activated Alumina Catalyst Bed Support/Hold Down Media

Used in a wide range of catalyst and adsorbent loading applications. Benefits: inert alumina oxide, low porosity, non-shrink, high chemical purity and mechanical integrity. Ideal for use in applications requiring the highest level of protection against unwanted chemical reactivity and contamination and also ideal in applications sensitive to silica. Available in ¼“ and ½” average sphere sizes.

Filtration Pads/Gaskets

Filtration Pads/Gaskets

Used in a wide range of catalyst and adsorbent loading applications. Benefits: high efficiency gas flow, economical bed support option, yields modest pressure drop. Custom shapes, sizes and thicknesses available.

Wire Mesh Screen

Wire Mesh Screen

Used in a wide range of catalyst and adsorbent loading applications. ISO 9001:2015 certified. Custom shapes, sizes and mesh options available. 


TAZ-B300 Specialty Surfactant Additive

Blended surfactant additive for use as a cleaning aid in all types of process equipment cleaning applications including but not limited to scavenger tanks, adsorbent beds and catalyst vessel cleanout/turnarounds. Powerful and environmentally friendly.



DithiaZolv™ is a concentrated mixture of proprietary and powerful surfactants specifically formulated to break down and dissolve thiazine solids formed when triazine-based H2S scavengers are used in oil and gas operations. Dissolving these solids into a water-based slurry allows for easy final rinsing and cleaning. DithiaZolv™ helps optimize flow performance in pipelines, valves, filters, tanks, and related process equipment.

For guidance on finding the right solution for your specific needs, please contact our team of industry experts. Formulary assistance available upon request.

Advanced. Effective. Proven.

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