Aqua-Cleen® Non-Ionic Surfactant


Non-Ionic Surfactant

Aqua-Cleen® Degreaser Additive is the ESSENTIAL ingredient for high performance cleaning formulations. Aqua-Cleen® is a pleasant odor, high cloud point, ethoxylated sulfur based non-ionic surfactant for use in aqueous formulations.. With an HLB of 13.5, Aqua-Cleen® can be used as single ingredient detergent, but also couples well with other surfactants cleaner and builders across a wide pH range.

Aqua-Cleen® is based on UNIQUE ethoxylated sulfur chemistry. This chemistry allows Aqua-Cleen® to form macro emulsions,  with a high dispersive capacity and excellent wetting characteristics. It is also safe to handle with excellent biodegradability and low toxicity. These characteristics and its superior detergency make Aqua-Cleen® a highly effective and safe formulating  additive. It wets, penetrates, lifts and disperses contaminants from surfaces.


  • High efficiency oil splitting, recycling
  • Excellent biodegradability
  • VOC compliant
  • Low toxicity
  • Non-toxic to sewer system micro-organisms up to 1%
  • Pleasant odor – mild grapefruit
  • Excellent synergism with other surfactants and builders
  • Effective over a wide pH range
  • Easy handling and diluting at all concentrations

Delivering results to formulators and manufacturers with Aqua-Cleen®

Packaging Sizes

  • 44 lb pails
  • 450 lb drums
  • 2400 lb totes

Formulating with Aqua-Cleen®

Aqua-Cleen® is the ideal answer for formulating high-performance cleaners across many different industries.It is currently used with great success in the following applications :

  • Building Maintenance – Floor/tile cleaners
  • Petrochemical – Process vessel cleaning, process equipment degassing, compressor station cleanup, fin fan and heat exchanger cleaning
  • Environmental – Soil washing, spill clean-up
  • Fibers – WEB cleaning, dye removal
  • Food Processing – Fat and blood removal, general cleaning,processing area cleaning, smoke house cleaning
  • Household – Laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents, toilet cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, glass cleaners
  • Restaurant & Hotel – Oven, grill and hood cleaners, floor degreasers, food preparation area cleaning
  • Industrial – Power wash fluids, floor cleaners, hard surface cleaners
  • Manufacturing – Cleaning parts prior to coating, ferrous and nonferrous metal cleaners, plastic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners/vats
  • Marine – Bilge cleaner, engine room cleaner, cleaning prior to recoating, transfer line cleaner
  • Pulp & Paper – Felt cleaner, plywood equipment cleaning, machine boil-outs, removing equipment fouling, paper pulp dispersant
  • Transportation – Metal cleaners and brighteners, soot and carbon removal, engine cleaner, vehicle wash, parts washing liquid

“Aqua-Cleen® is the key ingredient in formulations for products used by many Fortune 500 companies and other leading chemical, environmental and energy related companies around the world.” – Veronica Irurzun Conner, Sr. Research Scientist, CPI

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