Non-Ionic Surfactant


High Performing Nonionic Surfactant

Aqua-Cleen® Degreaser Additive is the ESSENTIAL ingredient for high performance cleaning formulations. Aqua-Cleen® is a pleasant odor, non-ionic surfactant used to formulate aqueous cleaners and degreasers. With an HLB of 13.5 and no gel phase, Aqua-Cleen® couples well with other surfactants and builders across a wide pH range.

Excellent Oil Splitting and Detergency

Aqua-Cleen® is a non-ionic surfactant that has high detergency and oil-in-water emulsifying power. Its unique formulation gives it the ideal hydrophilic to hydrophobic ratio (HLB) to be both water soluble and have outstanding oil splitting performance. It's the perfect surfactant cleaner for your formulation.

Superior Wettability

Aqua-Cleen® liquid surfactant wets, penetrates, lifts and disperses contaminants from surfaces. Its UNIQUE ethoxylated sulfur chemistry forms emulsions with a high dispersive capacity and excellent surface wetting characteristics. When compared with similar alcohol-based ethoxylated surfactants, Aqua-Cleen®, shows higher wettability at lower concentrations. Better wettability means efficient cleaning with less product!

High Efficiency Ingredient for Metal Cleaning Formulations

Aqua-Cleen® is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding metal cleaning applications such as drilling metal structure cleaning, production and industrial pipe cleaning, industrial metal equipment cleaning, and circuit board cleaning. When compared to similar surfactants on the market, Aqua-Cleen® non-ionic surfactant has proven to be more efficient at removing contaminants from metal surfaces.


Tests prove Aqua-Cleen® provides Superior Wettability when used as a Spacer Fluid Additive in Downhole Oilfield Applications.


Works Well at High Temperatures

While Aqua-Cleen® is effective in a wide range of temperatures, its high cloud point makes it ideal for processes that require heat. Aqua-Cleen® can also be stored at higher temperatures so no need to worry during hot days.

Highly Compatible with Other Surfactants and Builders

With an HLB of 13.5, Aqua-Cleen® couples well with other surfactants as well as builders needed in cleaning formulations. It performs well across a wide pH range and does not have a gel phase. Aqua-Cleen® inherently biodegradable surfactant is also great in single component or simple composition mixtures.

Pleasant Citrus Aroma and Low Toxicity

Aqua-Cleen® has an intrinsic mild citrus aroma that makes it pleasant to work with compared to other similar surfactants that have a foul or pungent smell. It is inherently biodegradable and imparts low toxicity when properly used.


Aqua-Cleen® Nonionic Ethoxylated SULFUR Chemistry Compared to Nonionic Ethoxylated ALCOHOL Chemistry

Aqua-Cleen® can be used as a drop-in replacement or in combination with alcohol-based ethoxylated surfactants in existing formulations to increase mixture cloud point, improve odor profile, boost detergency and achieve higher wettability.


Aqua-Cleen® Nonionic Ethoxylated Sulfur (CAS# Pending) 91-6 Nonionic Ethoxylated Alcohol (CAS# 68439-46-3) TMN-6 Nonionic Ethoxylated Alcohol (CAS# 60828-78-6)
HLB 13.5 13 13.1
Cloud Point, 1% 54-70 °C 53 °C 36 °C
Wettability High N/A N/A
pH 3.5-4.5 (4 typical) 5-7 5-6
Color Light Yellow-Yellow Clear to white Pale Yellow
Smell Pleasant-Mild Grapefruit Mild Pungent
Biodegradable Inherently Biodegradable Readily/ Inherently Biodegradable(*) Not Readily Biodegradable(*)

Packaging Sizes

  • 44 lb pails
  • 450 lb drums
  • 2400 lb totes

For the ideal surfactant additive in your formulation, look no further than Aqua-Cleen® degreaser additive.

“Aqua-Cleen® is the key ingredient in formulations for products used by many Fortune 500 companies and other leading chemical, environmental and energy related companies around the world.” – Veronica Irurzun Conner, Sr. Research Scientist, CPI

Formulating with Aqua-Cleen®

Aqua-Cleen® is the ideal answer for formulating high-performance cleaners across many different industries. It is currently used with great success in the following applications :

  • Building Maintenance – Floor/tile cleaners
  • Petrochemical – Downhole treatment process vessel cleaning, process equipment degassing, compressor station cleanup, fin fan, and heat exchanger cleaning, oil recovery (eor), etc
  • Environmental – Soil washing, spill clean-up
  • Fibers – WEB cleaning, dye removal
  • Food Processing Plant Cleaning – Fat and blood removal, general cleaning, processing area cleaning, smoke house cleaning
  • Household – Laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents, toilet cleaners, tub, and tile cleaners, glass cleaners
  • Restaurant & Hotel – Oven, grill and hood cleaners, floor degreasers, food preparation area cleaning
  • Industrial – Power wash fluids, floor cleaners, hard surface cleaners
  • Manufacturing – Cleaning parts prior to coating, ferrous and nonferrous metal cleaners, plastic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners/vats
  • Marine – Bilge cleaner, engine room cleaner, cleaning prior to recoating, transfer line cleaner
  • Pulp & Paper – Felt cleaner, plywood equipment cleaning, machine boil-outs, removing equipment fouling, paper pulp dispersant
  • Transportation – Metal cleaners and brighteners, soot and carbon removal, engine cleaner, vehicle wash, parts washing liquid
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal



Aqua-Cleen® is a nonionic sulfur based polyoxyethylene surfactant.

Yes, Aqua-Cleen® can be diluted with water. A typical dilution range is between 1 and 5% by volume. A suggested base formulation for a heavy duty degreaser is Aqua-Cleen® 5%, EDTA 3%, Water 92% (by weight).

Like any other surfactant, Aqua-Cleen® foams but it is not classified as a high foaming. Foam height, initial(1): 96 mm; foam height, five minutes(1): 0 mm ((1)ASTM D1173-53). More details can be found in the Aqua-Cleen® PDS and SDS.

Aqua-Cleen® is classified as inherently biodegradable, non-hazardous as well as non-toxic to sewage organisms at moderate concentrations. More details can be found in the Aqua-Cleen® PDS and SDS.

Aqua-Cleen® is not corrosive. In fact, Aqua-Cleen® has inherent properties that make it a corrosion inhibitor. The typical pH of Aqua-Cleen® is 3-5.

Aqua-Cleen® does not have a strong/unpleasant smell. Aqua-Cleen® has a pleasant citrus or grapefruit-like fragrance.

The presence of sulfur imparts outstanding properties such as high wettability, high detergency and high solubility in oil phases. In addition, it allows the formation of foam-breaking byproducts, making it suitable for a variety of processes such as pulp and paper cleaning, wool scouring, and metal cleaning.

Yes, Aqua-Cleen® is ideal for this purpose as it is non-corrosive to base metal. It can act as a tarnish-removing component for alkaline copper and brass cleaners and is effective in wide pH ranges. Aqua-Cleen® cleans metal to a bright, shiny, water break free surface.


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