Chemical Products Industries is proud to offer our customers our Aqua-Cleen® HC, which is a specialty oil splitting surfactant used in high ionic strength industrial applications in neutral to highly alkaline media. Aqua-Cleen® HC is a high-performance detergent with a high dispersive capacity, excellent wetting, superior detergency and unique coupling characteristics. Aqua-Cleen® HC is compatible with hot caustic and brines such as sodium and calcium. It is an excellent corrosion inhibitor, provides high efficiency oil splitting for easy recycling, offers environmentally friendly performance, excellent detergency, and oil coupling. Aqua-Cleen® HC is specially formulated for easy handling and diluting at all concentrations. We provide it in 44 lb. pails and 450 lb. drums so that you can conveniently order the amount your organization needs.

Sample(s) of Aqua-Cleen® HC are available upon request.


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