Aqua-Cleen® HC - Ethoxylated Surfactant

Non-Ionic Surfactant for High pH Formulations

Aqua-Cleen® HC is a high-performance non-toxic surfactant chemical used as an additive in neutral to highly alkaline aqueous cleaner degreaser formulations. It is designed to maximize cleaning performance in a wide range of applications and specifically in high ionic strength applications. It works well across a broad pH range and is particularly effective in caustic and brine solutions.


Aqua-Cleen® HC is a proprietary ethoxylated surfactant based on sulfur chemistry. Its distinctive formulation provides outstanding surface spreading and wetting capacity, superior detergent properties, high efficiency oil splitting for easier recycling, excellent corrosion inhibiting ability and unique coupling properties. 

Aqua-Cleen® HC is safe to handle, and is inherently biodegradable. These characteristics and its superior detergent capabilities make Aqua-Cleen® HC a highly effective and safe cleaner and degreaser ingredient. 

Formulations containing Aqua-Cleen® HC are able to effectively wet, penetrate​,​ lift and disperse contaminants from surfaces.


  • Is an excellent detergent ingredient 
  • Works well as a  corrosion inhibitor
  • Couples well with caustic and potash
  • Is compatible with brines – sodium and calcium
  • Is capable of  high efficiency oil splitting for easy recycling
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Offers easy handling and mixing at all concentrations

Delivering results to formulators and manufacturers with AQUA-CLEEN® HC

Packaging Sizes

• 44 lb pails
• 450 lb drums
• 2400 lb totes

  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal

Formulating with Aqua-Cleen® HC – Degreaser Formulation & Surfactant Soap

Aqua-Cleen® HC is the ideal additive for formulating high pH cleaners across many different industries. It is currently used with great success in the following applications:

  • Metal Cleaning – surfactant chemical used in caustic cleaning vats and rinse tanks
  • Pulp and Paper – dispersant, felt cleaner and equipment clean-up
  • Soil Washing – organic and metal dispersion
  • Fibers – die cleaning and sizing agent removal
  • Adhesives – starch, epoxies and organic
  • Lubricants and Surfactant Soaps – chain belt, metal working, low viscosity soaps
  • Degreaser ingredient – for general purpose cleaner and degreaser formulations

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Advanced. Effective. Proven.

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