Chemical Cleaners

Surface Restoration and Surface Preparation


At Chemical Products Industries, Inc., we specialize in providing environmentally conscious chemical cleaners for sensitive surface restoration and surface preparation. We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your surfaces, which is why we meticulously design our high-performance cleaners and degreasers to enhance paint and coating adhesion without causing harm to the underlying material.


With our proven effective solutions, you can confidently handle all types of hard surface cleaning applications, kcnowing you have the backing of industry-leading technology. Whether you’re dealing with concrete, brick, stone, or metal, our chemical cleaners are suited to tackle the most stubborn stains and deposits.


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MMR™ Restoration Cleaner

MMR Restoration Cleaner is a safe and highly efficient mold mildew cleaner for concrete, brick, stone…

iRestore™ Restoration Cleaner

iRestore Restoration Cleaner is a revolutionary safe acid cleaner for glass, concrete, brick …

TZ-Paint Prep™

TZ-Paint Prep is a safe environmentally friendly adhesion promoter and cleaner for metal, plastic, wood…

TZ-Floor Prep™

TZ-Floor Prep is the safe, an environmentally friendly way to prepare or clean finished or unfinished concrete…


Terazyme-GP™ is a groundbreaking degreaser concentrate that redefines the standards for cleaning efficacy…


DithiaZolv™ is a concentrated mixture of proprietary and powerful surfactants specifically formulated to break down….


TAZ-B300 is a proprietary blend of high-performance surfactants and builders, including ​Aqua-Cleen® Degreaser ….


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