Surface Restoration and Surface Preparation


High-performance and environmentally conscious cleaners and degreasers for sensitive surface restoration or to improve paint/coating adhesion. We offer proven effective solutions for all types of hard surface cleaning applications.

MMR™ Restoration Cleaner

MMR Restoration Cleaner is a safe and highly efficient mold mildew cleaner for concrete, brick, stone…

iRestore™ Restoration Cleaner

iRestore Restoration Cleaner is a revolutionary safe acid cleaner for glass, concrete, brick …

TZ-Paint Prep™

TZ-Paint Prep is a safe environmentally friendly adhesion promoter and cleaner for metal, plastic, wood…

TZ-Floor Prep™

TZ-Floor Prep is the safe, an environmentally friendly way to prepare or clean finished or unfinished concrete…

Graffiti Stripper™

Graffiti Stripper is a non-flammable, non-toxic, easy-to-use water-based graffiti stripper for use on any washable….


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