Surface Protectant and Degreaser Concentrates


At Chemical Products Industries, Inc., we understand the necessity of potent and efficient chemical solutions. That’s why we offer premium-grade concentrates that deliver superior results in long-term surface protection and deep-cleaning applications.


Our catalog features concentrated silane and siloxane emulsions engineered to provide robust and durable surface protection. But that’s not all. To cater to your diverse chemical concentrate needs, we also house highly active degreaser concentrate designed to combat the most persistent contaminants.


We believe in a personalized approach; if you’re in search of specialty formulations, we are equipped to provide those upon request. Trust in Chemical Products Industries , Inc.’s concentrates for your surface protection and degreasing needs, and experience an unrivaled standard of efficiency and effectiveness.


Siloxane WB™ Concentrate

Siloxane WB™ Concentrate is a water reducible, high solids, general purpose siloxane water repellent concentrate

Silane WB™ Concentrate

Silane WB™ Concentrate is a water reducible, high solids silane water repellent concentrate for use on mineral substrates

CP-200ES™ Concentrate

CP-200ES™ Concentrate is a waterborne silicone based color enhancer and sealer for porous building materials…

TAZ-B300™ Super Concentrate

TAZ-B300 is a heavy duty degreaser super concentrate comprised of an exotic mixture of high performance…


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