CP-1007 LS is a non-flammable, penetrating lithium polysilicate sealer that strengthens and internally waterproofs cementitious materials. CP-1007 LS can be used on most horizontal concrete surfaces. Coverage rates vary from 50-150 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on surface porosity and texture.

Unlike membrane-forming sealers which can be worn away in high traffic areas, leaving unprotected concrete unsightly and susceptible to chemical attack, CP-1007 LS penetrates into the surface and cannot be scratched or peeled off.

CP-1007 LS reacts with the soluble calcium hydroxide (free lime) in concrete to form insoluble calcium silicates which reduce the porosity and permeability of the concrete matrix. This serves to increase the hardness and chemical resistance which, in turn, increases the service life of the surface

Product Benefits

Easy to apply than conventional silicates

Produces non-slip surface gloss

UV stable, will not peel or flake

Environmentally friendly

No VOC’s

Lithium chemistry allows deep penetration and guards against ASR


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