Surface Protection, Cleaners and Concentrates


Our high-performance protective treatments, innovative cleaning solutions and concentrated product options meet a wide variety of needs offering long term surface protection and maintenance care. We offer ready-to-use (RTU) architectural grade and DOT approved water repellents, sealers, surface restoration cleaners and degreasers. To complement our RTU products we also offer concentrated silane and siloxane emulsions as well as fluorinated chemistries and degreaser super concentrates. Specialty formulations also available upon request.


High-performance and environmentally conscious treatments for long term surface protection. We offer architectural grade and DOT approved water repellents, stain repellents, densifiers, color enhancers and sealers for concrete, brick, and stone.


High-performance and environmentally conscious cleaners and degreasers for sensitive surface restoration or to improve paint/coating adhesion. We offer proven effective solutions for all types of hard surface cleaning applications.


Concentrated silane, siloxane emulsions and fluorinated chemistries for long term surface protection products as well as highly active degreaser super concentrates. Specialty formulations and samples also available upon request.


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