Micro-Cleen 12-7

Low-Foaming Non-Ionic Surfactant

Micro-CleenTM 12-7 is a sulfide based non-ionic surfactant used as an additive in formulations where a low-foaming surfactant is needed. It forms micro emulsions, interacts well with other surfactants or additives and can be used in both aqueous and oil based formulations. 


Micro-CleenTM 12-7 is an ethoxylated sulfur containing surfactant chemistry. Due to its unique sulfur containing formulation, it has an inherent anticorrosion nature, shows great coupling properties and works well in a wide pH range.  Its low-foaming, low cloud point and sulfur containing characteristics make it ideal for enclosed systems where surfactant detergency and corrosion inhibitor properties are needed at low temperatures.


  • Offers exceptional wetting 
  • Works over a broad pH range 
  • Works over a broad temperature range 
  • Low odor 
  • Low foaming 
  • Low cloud point, <20° C 
  • Excellent emulsifier 
  • Blends well with surfactants 
  • Couples well with most anionic surfactants 


      Heavy oil sludge cleaning. Even in small concentrations, Micro-Cleen 12-7’s proprietory sulfur chemistry deeply penetrates heavy sludge and can adsorb toxic gases entrapped in it.

      Metal cleaning. MIcro-Cleen 12-7 is an ideal additive for metal cleaning formulations because it effectively removes deposits while inhibiting corrosion in equipment where scale sometimes forms due to heat exchange and water circulation.

      Metal passivation. Micro-Cleen 12-7’s  anti-corrosion properties make it suitable to be used in acidic formulations for pickling without the unexpected, noxious and dangerous effects of traditional anti-corrosive additives. 

      Electronics cleaning. Micro-Cleen 12-7’s properties make it suitable not only for cleaning but also for preventing corrosion in electronic surface preparation processes such as circuit board printing and chemical mechanical polishing.

    Antimicrobial formulations. Micro-Cleen 12-7’s non-ionic structure enhances the solubility of antimicrobial agents in antiseptic formulations.


There are many other applications where Micro-CleenTM 12-7 is highly effective as an additive. These include oil recovery from reservoirs, bioremediation, agriculture, ink printing, catalysis and much more.

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Packaging Sizes

• 44 lb pails
• 450 lb drums
• 2400 lb totes

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