Micro-Cleen 12-7

High Detergency Non-Ionic Surfactant

Micro-CleenTM 12-7 is a sulfide based non-ionic surfactant used as an additive in formulations where a high detergency is needed. It forms micro emulsions, interacts well with other surfactants or additives and can be used in both aqueous and oil based formulations. 


Due to its unique sulfur containing formulation, it has an inherent anticorrosion nature, shows great coupling properties and works well in a wide pH range.
Micro-CleenTM 12-7 is an ethoxylated sulfur containing surfactant with proprietary chemistry. Due to its unique sulfur containing formulation, it has an inherent anticorrosion nature, shows great coupling properties and works well in a wide pH range.

Physical Properties Micro-CleenTM 12-7
HLB 13
Cloud Point (˚C), 5% solution <20
Foam Height after 2 minutes (cm)(1)/td>

Emulsion Type Micro
Diluent Oil/Water
Active Content (%) >99
pH 4.5-5.5
pH working range 4-10


  • Offers exceptional wetting 
  • Works over a broad pH range 
  • Works over a broad temperature range 
  • Low odor 
  • Excellent emulsifier 
  • Blends well with surfactants 
  • Couples well with most anionic surfactants 


      Heavy oil sludge cleaning. Even in small concentrations, Micro-Cleen 12-7’s proprietory sulfur chemistry deeply penetrates heavy sludge and can adsorb toxic gases entrapped in it.

      Metal cleaning. MIcro-Cleen 12-7 is an ideal additive for metal cleaning formulations because it effectively removes deposits while inhibiting corrosion in equipment where scale sometimes forms due to heat exchange and water circulation.

      Metal passivation. Micro-Cleen 12-7’s  anti-corrosion properties make it suitable to be used in acidic formulations for pickling without the unexpected, noxious and dangerous effects of traditional anti-corrosive additives. 

      Electronics cleaning. Micro-Cleen 12-7’s properties make it suitable not only for cleaning but also for preventing corrosion in electronic surface preparation processes such as circuit board printing and chemical mechanical polishing.

    Antimicrobial formulations. Micro-Cleen 12-7’s non-ionic structure enhances the solubility of antimicrobial agents in antiseptic formulations.


There are many other applications where Micro-CleenTM 12-7 is highly effective as an additive. These include oil recovery from reservoirs, bioremediation, agriculture, ink printing, catalysis and much more.

Delivering results to formulators and manufacturers with MICRO-CLEEN™ 12-7

Packaging Sizes

• 44 lb pails
• 450 lb drums
• 2400 lb totes


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