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About Us




At Chemical Products, we’re passionate about caring for your business as if it were our own. Your needs are our top priority, and we strive to provide the most effective and economical solutions for you. Many customers see us as a seamless extension of their company – a resource that can be called upon at any time for technical/engineering support, product advice and solutions.

Since inception, Chemical Products has endeavored to formulate quality products that provide outstanding performance for a variety of industry applications and customer requirements both domestically and internationally.

Environmental Responsibility

We emphasize environmental responsibility at Chemical Products. We offer patented and proven chemistries for oil and gas purification as well as aqueous-based surfactants and formulated products designed to replace the environmentally destructive, hydrocarbon-based products that elevate the hydrocarbon footprint.


Founded in 1978 by Oklahoma Sooner football great, Clendon Thomas, Chemical Products Corporation built a reputation as a pioneer in breathable hydrophobic treatments used to protect and extend the life of concrete, brick and stone surfaces from water penetration and damage. Chemical Products formulations have been specified by architects and engineers for more than 30 years, and have been used on countless commercial and DOT related projects.

In 1989, Chemical Products Corporation became Chemical Products Industries, Inc.. Floyd E. Farha Jr., Ph.D., joined Chemical Products to assist in expanding the company’s reach into other specialty chemical segments. Under his leadership, Chemical Products added synergistic technologies and guided the development of environmentally friendly industrial degreasers and surface cleaning technologies based around the proprietary Aqua-Cleen® quick-split chemistry. Today, Chemical Products relies on a network of building suppliers including Sherwin Williams for national distribution of its water repellents, sealers and cleaning technologies.

Using Dr. Farha’s catalysis background developed over a career with Phillips Petroleum, Chemical Products began developing purification technologies for natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) applications. Today, Chemical Products manufactures and markets the SULFURTRAP® line of Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers as well as PERCO® Catalyst used for Mercaptan sulfur conversion in gasoline range hydrocarbons for applications all over the world. Chemical Products and sister company New Technology Ventures, hold worldwide patents related to hydrogen sulfide and oxygen removal reagents and processes.

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Chemical Products is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, and employs a talented team of engineers, chemists, consultants and logistics experts able to address any customer need or requirement.

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