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Press Releases


Press Release – September 20th, 2016
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Technology Ventures Inc. (NTV), IP Holding Company for Chemical Products Industries, Inc. (CPII), Issues New Patent for Sulfur Removal

Recent Patent Covers Highly Active Nano Iron Catalyst for the Absorption of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S

Oklahoma City, OK, September 20, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) – New Technology Ventures Inc. (NTV) the affiliated holding company for Chemical Products Industries, Inc. (CPII) announces the issuance by the US Patent Office of a Patent that covers a method for sulfur removal that simplifies and streamlines oil and gas processing by removing bottlenecks in existing midstream and downstream Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU). It also can be utilized as a stand-alone option for economic sulfur recovery at smaller mini-refineries. Applications for this new chemistry solution are currently being explored both in-house and by end users

The Patent deals specifically with a highly active Nano iron catalyst for the absorption of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

“This most recent patent fits into our expanding line of specialty chemicals and processes for sulfur removal and/or purification needs. It offers midstream and downstream oil and gas processors the ability to economically remove high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide to meet ultra-low sulfur (ULS) specifications”, says Floyd Farha, Ph.D., CEO of NTV/CPII. “It grows our number of patented technologies relating to sulfur removal and shows our commitment to helping the industry economically handle difficult sulfur removal needs,” he said.

The Patent involves the formation of a stable iron (II) oxide and/or hydroxide. These oxides and/or hydroxides are present as nanoparticles in the 5-10 nanometer range. By utilizing a unique iron source, these particles can be formed at a lower cost and with fewer impurities as compared to known processes from various iron salts such as sulfates and chlorides. The novel nanoparticles are particularly adapted to removing sulfur compound such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from liquid and/or gaseous streams, including but not limited to hydrocarbon streams

SOURCE: Chemical Products Industries, Inc.

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