H2S Scavenger

Advanced Purification Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Our unique H2S scavengers, adsorbents, and catalyst technologies deliver cost-effective hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan, and oxygen removal across upstream, midstream, and downstream business assets as well as biogas and advanced biotech applications. Our products are proven around the world to increase process efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce operating costs.

Chemical Products Industries is proud to offer effective H2S treatments designed to completely remove hydrogen sulfide from gas and liquid streams. Our high-performance hydrogen sulfide scrubbers provide a safe, efficient and easy way to eliminate undesired sulfur compounds from various hydrocarbon feeds.

As a leading provider of hydrogen sulfide scavengers, we make our products using advanced technology, ensuring quick and reliable results. Our hydrogen sulfide treatment works effectively in oil and gas processing plants, wastewater treatment plants, and other industrial processes, providing a safer and more environmentally friendly option to meet required emissions specifications.

Choose our H2S scrubber for a trusted, dependable, and economic solution to meet low sulfur emission specifications, protect your equipment, and ensure the safety of your workplace. You can experience the difference in quality and performance that our high-quality products offer today.

H2S Removal Solutions


Advanced. Effective. Proven H2S Cleaning & Sulfur Scavenger

Adsorbent Technologies for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Gas and NGL


High capacity, easy-changeout, iron-based, H2S and mercaptan removal adsorbent for gas purification applications


Iron-based, mercaptan and H2S removal adsorbent for LPG and NGL hydrocarbon purification applications

Economical Adsorbent for Low to Moderate Hydrogen Sulfide Removal


Fast reacting, iron-based, H2S adsorbent for dry gas and biogas applications

Liquid Scavenger for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Oil and Gas


Liquid-based H2S scavenger concentrate


Liquid-based H2S scrubber for low temperature environments

O2 Scavenger for Oxygen Removal from Natural Gas


Patented oxygen removal scavenger process for gas streams containing hydrogen sulfide.

Catalyst Technology for Mercaptan Conversion in LPG

PERCO® Catalyst

Copper-based, catalytic sweetening process converts mercaptans in hydrocarbon liquids

Catalyst and Adsorbent Equipment Accessories


Catalyst and Adsorbent Equipment Accessories including bed support/hold down media, filtration pads/gaskets, wire mesh screens, and cleaners/degreasers.


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