Premium Fixed-Bed Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorbents

H2S <1 ppm. Easy.


Choosing the best Hydrogen Sulfide adsorbent is serious business. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a serious environmental hazard that can negatively affect your profitability. Chemical Products Industries offers proven, cost-effective, environmentally friendly adsorbents. With high sulfur-loading capacity and free-flowing characteristics, our adsorbents drastically increase bed life while also reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Compared to other H2S adsorbents, SULFURTRAP® and SULFURTRAP® EX last longer. SULFURTRAP® EX can last up to 3 times longer than the leading solid scavenger, significantly reducing treating costs. Our adsorbents operate efficiently in a broad range of conditions, including dry gas, H2O-saturated gas, and gas streams containing O2.

SULFURTRAP® and SULFURTRAP EX® have lower maintenance and replacement costs.
Because of their free-flowing characteristics, our hydrogen sulfide adsorbents can often be replaced in half the time it takes to replace other solid-based scavenger systems. Easy.


Original iron based spheres for gas or liquid hydrocarbons last longer than the leading competitor


Extended life, low pressure drop, easy changeout iron based pellets last 2-3x longer than the leading competitor


An insatiable appetite for H2S and light Mercaptan sulfur compounds.

  • Easily achieves outlet H2S <1 ppm
  • High H2S loading capacity
  • Removes Oxygen (O2)
  • Fast replacement, Minimizes downtime
  • Reliable operation, Low-pressure drop

Ask industry leaders about SULFURTRAP®

“We rely on SULFURTRAP® and Chemical Products Industries’ expertise for reliable, cost-effective H2S removal. Any processor concerned with safety and economics should do the same.”

Jason Clark, Senior Staff Engineer

E&P Company

“The SULFURTRAP® adsorbent has been the best solid scavenger for our operations requiring pipeline spec H2S removal.”

Doug Lloyd, Operations Manager

Biogas Company

Field proven H2S removal for multiple industry applications.

Oil & Gas Production

  • Natural Gas Treatment
  • Amine Acid Gas Treatment
  • Landfill Gas Treatment
  • Syngas Treatment
  • Coke Oven Gas Treatment
  • Tank Vent Off-gas Treatment

Gas Processing Plants

  • Condensate Treatment
  • Natural Gasoline Treatment
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Treatment
  • Process Off-gas
  • Air Treatment

Chemical Processing Plants

  • Petrochemical Off-gas Treatment
  • Tank Vent Gas Treatment
  • Rail Car Vent Gas Treatment


Direct support by Chemical Products Industries maximizes your investment.

  • Technical support staff
  • Equipment design and process optimization for new or existing fixed-bed applications
  • Operational advice (start-up, unloading, disposal)
  • Monitoring
  • Bed-life follow-up
  • Warranty

For guidance on finding the right solution for your specific needs, please contact our team of industry experts for assistance.

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