Chemical Products Industries has a team of chemists and technical engineers who are eager to assist with project design and optimization of your project or application.  Our purification solutions incorporate innovative upstream, midstream and downstream purification technologies for H2S, SO2, O2 and Mercaptan sulfur reduction. Highly effective H2S adsorbents, H2S scavengers and mercaptan purification catalysts are utilized to meet product, pipeline and regulatory specifications. Our complete solution will also include the purification system accessories you need such as bed supports, filtration pad gaskets and wire mesh screens.

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Chemical Products Industries has a team of chemists and technical engineers readily available to help with product optimization and custom formulation. Our surfactant chemistries include environmentally conscious non-ionic surfactants, high foam surfactants, low foam surfactants, industrial detergents as well as cleaner/degreaser super concentrates for a wide variety of applications. All chemistries are based upon unique ethoxylated sulfur surfactants. 

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Chemical Products Industries has a team of chemists and technical engineers who are happy to assist architects and applicators with questions regarding product performance, application methods and chemical composition for our wide range of surface protection and cleaning products. Architectural guide specifications as well as LEED credit information are available upon request. Our industrial solutions include silane water repellents, siloxane water repellents, oleophobic sealers, anti-graffiti products, color enhancers, densifiers as well as restoration cleaners and degreasers for a wide variety of applications. For manufacturers, aftermarket, or reduced shipping applications, we also offer silane water repellent concentrates, siloxane water repellent concentrates, short chain fluorinated polymer concentrates and cleaner degreaser concentrates. 

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