Industrial Cleaner / Super Concentrated Degreaser

The most POWERFUL degreaser concentrate available.


TAZ-B300 REPLACES solvent and caustic-based cleaners/degreasers.​TAZ-B300 is a proprietary blend of high-performance surfactants and builders, including ​Aqua-Cleen® Degreaser Additive​. TAZ-B300 was specifically formulated for quick and thorough lifting and suspension of contaminants for easy rinsing.

SUPER CONCENTRATED means Industry leading cleaning power and reduced shipping costs.TAZ-B300 is made with less water and the maximum level of active ingredients. It can be used as a concentrate for the toughest application or can be diluted to match the level of detergency power to the level of contamination. It’s easy to create a highly economical, custom-tailored solution for specific applications and needs.

Environmentally SAFE.Meets federal regulations for safe, non-toxic chemicals. TAZ-B300 is biodegradable, non-hazardous and VOC compliant.

LIMITLESS uses​.TAZ-B300 can be used on any washable surface, but is primarily being used in the oil and gas industry for all types of cleaning applications including; process equipment cleaning, pipeline/valve cleaning, tank cleaning and equipment cleaning. TAZ-B300 has also undergone years of field trials and testing to meet the stringent technical requirements of the paint and coatings industry for surface preparation and pressure washing applications. We use TAZ-B300 as our surfactant additive when cleaning ​H2S adsorbent vessels as well as ​catalyst vessels​.

Product Benefits

• High-efficiency oil, grease and grime removal
• Replaces solvent and caustic cleaners
• Effectiveness increase with temperature
• Easy dilution with water
• Non-hazardous
• VOC compliant

Packaging Sizes

● 5 gal pails
● 55 gal drums
● 275 gal totes


●  Oil & Gas – Process vessel cleaning, process equipment degassing, compressor station cleanup, fin fan and heat exchanger cleaning
●  Building Maintenance / Industrial – Power wash concentrate, floor cleaning, hard surface cleaning
●  Environmental – Soil washing, spill clean-up
●  Food Processing – Fat and blood removal, general cleaning, processing area cleaning, smokehouse cleaning
●  Restaurant & Hotel – Oven, grill and hood cleaning, floor degreasing, food preparation area cleaning
●  Manufacturing – Cleaning parts prior to coating
●  Marine – Bilge, engine room, cleaning prior to recoating, transfer line cleaner
●  Pulp & Paper – Felt cleaner, plywood equipment cleaning, machine boil-outs, removing equipment fouling, paper pulp dispersant
●  Transportation – Metal cleaners and brighteners, soot and carbon removal, engine cleaner, vehicle wash, parts washing liquid

Ask industry leaders about TAZ-B300

“TAZ-B300 is the most versatile industrial cleaner concentrate we’ve ever used. We use it for all types of cleaning applications from wellhead to refinery.”

General Manager – Plant Maintenance Service Company


●  Technical support staff
●  Handling and usage advice (application-specific dilution and temperature range)

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